Chunk, flub, duff, miff—there’s a lot of ways to say it, but only one wedge to fix it. This is the Cleveland CBX 2: more spin, plenty of versatility, and a whole lot of forgiveness.

It’s a cavity back wedge for cavity back golfers, and it’s your ticket to better short game shots every time you hit the links.
Sequels usually let you down. This one won’t. And that’s because it pretty much guarantees you’ll hit the sweet spot.

How’d we do it? A lighter hosel, a tapered flange, a wider toe, and our totally new Hollow-Cavity design. It’s a holistic approach that moves the center of gravity, placing it right where you hit the ball.

That means straighter shots that go farther and feel better. Basically, it’s off-the-charts forgiveness and buttery softness. So, yeah, kind of a big deal.

The sleek new Black Satin finish features anti-glare tech and adds a personal touch to your ​golf bag​. If you prefer of a more classic look, then the Tour Satin has ​your name​ on it. Whichever way you go, it’ll take your short game to the next level.

Before you ask, yeah, this wedge has spin. It’s got grooves on top of grooves on top of grooves for that one-hop-stop spin you can only get with Rotex. And this latest 4th generation Rotex Face is our best yet.

Extra sharp Tour Zip Grooves cut though grass and debris for more spin from the rough. Centered Rotex Milling adds friction between the grooves for even more spin. And Laser Milling increases roughness right up to the limit for unreal stopping power.

You shouldn’t need an advanced physics degree just to choose a wedge grind. Besides, we’re swimming in engineers around here, so let us do the work for you.

These grinds are loft specific. Just choose your lofts and the grinds take care of themselves. We’re calling it a Dynamic Sole and it’s so easy, it’ll have you wondering why we didn’t do this ages ago…

46°- 52°

A V-shaped sole glides through turf so you won’t get stuck in the mud on full shots.

54°- 56°

An S-shaped sole gets you out of the sand or deep rough.

58°- 60°

For lob shots with an open face, a C-shaped grind adds versatility.



Left / Right

Left, Right


50, 52, 56, 60


Graphite, Steel


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