Tour Rack

The all-new RTX ZipCore Tour Rack wedge is an unplated, raw wedge head that we’ll bend, grind, color, engrave and assemble to your exact specifications—just like the pros on tour.


On the ground floor of the Cleveland Golf headquarters, just below the R&D lab, you’ll find the Tour Rack. It’s a sealed room filled with hundreds of specialized wedge heads, each marked with a “T.” This exclusive stock is reserved for tour and the world’s greatest players.

Now you have access to the same inventory: Tour Rack wedges boast a “T” hosel and are identical to what’s played by the pros, giving you the ultimate tour experience.

Relief Edge Grind
Added Versatility

Add versatility by removing material from your wedge’s trailing edge. This grind allows the leading edge to sit closer to the ground even when opening the face at different lie angles. Combine with a Full sole to produce a versatile, high-bounce v-shaped grind. Add it to a Low sole to create the most versatile offering in our lineup.

Available on: Full, Low
Includes Hand Polished Finish
Upcharge: $20

Glide Over Turf

If you often play in wet or soft conditions, the Rounded Leading Edge helps you make better contact by gliding through turf without digging in.

Available on: Full, Mid, and Low
Conditions: Medium-Soft
Angle of Attack: Steep
Includes Hand Polished Finish
Upcharge: $10

A standard Tour Rack wedge is purely raw, with the sandblasted and brushed finish that comes straight off the factory floor.

When you add a custom sole grind, our Grind Craftsmen complete each wedge with their signature, hand polished finish.

Both finishes will patina with use. They are designed to rust, giving you that signature tour look.




Full, Low, Mid


46, 48, 50, 52, 54, 56, 58, 60

Left / Right




Shaft Flex



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