Playing the correct golf ball has recently become a topic of discussion.  Golf ball manufactures are trying to explain what makes their ball different (and better) in order to educate consumers.  There often seems to be differing opinions as to what is the best golf ball for you.  I think without question a Urethane covered golf ball is going to best for 90% of golfers.  Then it has to do with pairing up the specific needs of your swing.  There is a reason companies make lower spin, higher spin, lower launching, higher launching, firmer and softer golf balls.  You don’t need a robot to test which ball is best for you, grab a couple sleeves or even that collection of different balls you found in the woods and start seeing what works best for you.  Start your fitting on the green and work you way to the tee. (opposite of what most people do) You might just find how good of a fit the new Callaway Chrome Soft X Triple Track golf ball is for your game.




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